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Montpelier Food Security Coalition

The Montpelier Food Security Coalition was formed during the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 to create an integrated local approach to the current and growing challenges to our local food security. 


To address this systematic challenge we must bring to the table all of the actors in our community’s current food system- from government, to farmers, educators to activists and retailers to food pantries.  From this coalition we hope to launch a number of projects that will strengthen the entire network.

The Garden at 22 Marvin Street

We've been creating perennial gardens at our house since we moved in 7 years ago. In 2020, we approached our neighbor Susan Adams, who is 80 years old and not capable of gardening, and asked if she would like to be part of a city-wide "lawns-to-gardens" project and the Garden at 22 Marvin Street was born. Susan and her daughter Ellen will get all the vegies they want, volunteers will be compensated with produce, and all surplus will go the Montpelier's Senior Center.

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